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The Twelve Spotted Skimmer

Holograms and Half Ounces? – The Twelve Spotted Skimmer

12-spotted-skimmerAnother bright spring day here in Broad Haven Pembrokeshire heralds another post from me 🙂

Earlier this month this blog took a quick look at the Royal Canadian Mint’s lovely Mallard coin, which was the first in their “Canadian Duck” series.

These only had a small initial mintage of 10000.

I just visited the Canadian Mint’s Website this morning to see how they were selling, and it seems all of these gorgeous Mallard coins have now waddled out the door.

I’m not surprised, this clearly shows that public is loving this series.

So my attention turns to another of their fresh releases, namely their new “Dragonflies series”.

The first in this range designed by illustrator Celia Godkin, is a half ounce fine silver coin called the “Twelve Spotted Skimmer”.

It features a shimmering holographic background of the Skimmer’s natural habitat, in this case a pond or river, and the dragonfly itself.

The coin has a face value of ten dollars, and the Royal Canadian mint have only issued 10,000 skimmers to the public.

Frankly I don’t expect these to sell as quickly as the mallards because they are only 1/2 oz, not the full 1 oz.

They are still lovely looking coins though, and the holographic aspect of the design may well appeal to some so I could be wrong.

Hat’s off to this mint, they are clearly commissioning designers who are straight out of the top drawer.

For more information and specifications about this coin please click here.

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