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An Infographic Highlighting The Rarity of Silver

The Visual Capitalist’s History of Silver Infographic

I love viewing well thought out infographics, so I was happy when I stumbled across the “Silver Series” range, designed by the creative folks over at theĀ  Visual Capitalist.


Part one unearths the history of silver, and goes into some of its strong points, such as its antibacterial properties, ductility and resilience.

However one thing that struck me reading this infographic was this precious metal’s eye opening rarity.

Indeed, if the researchers at the Visual Capitalist have the correct data, all the silver ever mined would fit into a 52m cube, weighing 1.464,700 tonnes.

That’s a fact to consider over your tea and digestive biscuits.

If you want to learn more part 1 of this infographic series is listed here.

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