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Three Year of the Snake Coins from the Australian Mint

Year of the Snake - 5oz Proof Coin2013 is the year of the snake. So I decided to go hunting for some silver proof coins depicting my notable Chinese zodiac sign. I didn’t have to hunt too far, as the Royal Australian Mint has some beautiful coins and accompanying cases, to commemorate 2013 as the year of the snake.

When it comes to Australian coins, I’m a big fan of the design work from the Perth Mint. However, The Royal Australian Mint did a great job with the Year of the Snake coins for 2013. In this post I’ll look at three proof issues: the 1oz silver snake with a face value of 1$, the 5 oz silver snake coin with a face value of $10, and the 11.66g $1 silver proof coin.

The 1 oz and 5 oz proof coins are essentially the same design, except for the obvious size and weight difference. They are part of the Prestige Lunar Series. The 1oz coin is 40mm in diameter, with a $1 denomination, and a mintage of 10,000. It retails for $88 AUD. The 5oz coin is 65mm in diameter, with a $10 denomination, and a mintage of 5000. The 5 oz coin will set you back $357.50 AUD. The prices quoted are for international orders, so Australian residents can get the coins at a cheaper price.

The 1 oz coin comes displayed in a stunning blue case, and the 5 oz coin in a rich red case. These cases are just as beautiful to look at as the coins themselves.

Year of the Snake - $1 Proof CoinThe 11.66g $1 Fine Silver Proof Coin, is a different design than its 1 oz and 5 oz counterparts. It has a different snake motif, and is embossed with “2013” at the top of the coin, and “Year of the Snake” at the bottom. This coin costs $55.00 AUD for international orders, and $50.00 AUD for Australian residents. The coin is part of the Lunar Series.

For more info on these coins, or to order directly from the Royal Australian Mint, you can visit these pages:

No doubt these coins will sell out quickly, with the popularity of the Chinese zodiac!

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The Crossing of the Blue Mountains – $10 Proof Coin

A Pioneering Journey Remembered – The Crossing of the Blue Mountains

crossing-of-the-blue-mountainsI recall watching an entertaining old black and white video of Laurel and Hardy singing a duet “In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia”.

This is what I was reminded of on hearing about the “Crossing of the Blue Mountains” coin from the Royal Australian Mint, although I have just been reminded that Laurel and Hardy’s mountains are located in the USA not the land of Oz.

This is the 2nd time the Royal Australian Mint has popped up on my bullion radar, you may recall a couple of weeks ago I also had a peek at the proof Kangaroo, also from this mint.

This coin celebrates the expedition of three pioneering adventurers, who managed to chart a passage to the western plains of New South Wales through the imposing Blue Mountains.

The plains beyond the mountains was fertile and rich in coal and shale, making the dangerous journey profitable if it could be undertaken successfully.

On their return the governor of Sydney gifted these pioneers 1000 acres of land each as a reward for their endeavours, which resulted in the opening up of grazing lands of inland New South Wales to the settlers.

This really is a nice looking coin about the bicentenary crossing, and with a mintage of only 5000, may well sell out quickly.

Thankfully this time you won’t have to cross a mountain range to secure one, a simple trip to the post office should suffice.

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Yet Another Silver Kangaroo? This Time From the Royal Australian Mint

A $1 Coin That Reminds Me of the TV Series Skippy the Kangaroo

1-dollar-kangarooIf like me, you thought that the Perth Mint was the only quality coin manufacturer of note in Australia, you were mistaken.

This proof coin from the Royal Australian Mint,  designed by A.Baggio (I wonder if he’s related to the popular Italian footballer Roberto Baggio?) features 1 troy ounce of silver.

It also has a portrait of one of Australia’s most famous indigenous species, the kangaroo.

Perhaps older readers will remember the old 60s Australian TV series called “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.”?

Well I do and this coin reminds me of watching reruns during summer holidays in the early 80s. I’m not sure why it has a face value of only 1 dollar, as it’s currently priced at $100 on their website.

If you like coins sporting lovely pictures of animals on them, then this will be a pleasant addition to your collection.

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