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Yet Another Silver Kangaroo? This Time From the Royal Australian Mint

A $1 Coin That Reminds Me of the TV Series Skippy the Kangaroo

1-dollar-kangarooIf like me, you thought that the Perth Mint was the only quality coin manufacturer of note in Australia, you were mistaken.

This proof coin from the Royal Australian Mint,  designed by A.Baggio (I wonder if he’s related to the popular Italian footballer Roberto Baggio?) features 1 troy ounce of silver.

It also has a portrait of one of Australia’s most famous indigenous species, the kangaroo.

Perhaps older readers will remember the old 60s Australian TV series called “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo.”?

Well I do and this coin reminds me of watching reruns during summer holidays in the early 80s. I’m not sure why it has a face value of only 1 dollar, as it’s currently priced at $100 on their website.

If you like coins sporting lovely pictures of animals on them, then this will be a pleasant addition to your collection.

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The Kangaroo 2013 1oz Proof

The Kangaroo From The Perth Mint’s Australian Opal Series

opal-kangarooThe Perth Mint is one of my favorite coin establishments, they are always pushing the envelope when it comes to minting eye catching coins.

This 99.9% Pure Silver 1 oz proof coin you see to your right is the Kangaroo from the Australian Opal series, which is currently one of their best selling silver coins.

It has a limited mintage of only 8000 and comes with its own display case and numbered certificate.

The design of the kangaroo itself is detailed in pure opal, which is the national gemstone of Australia, indeed 97% of the world’s opals are mined down under.

For more information about this coin you can visit the Perth Mint.

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