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The Arlberg 20 Euro Electric Railway Coin

All Aboard the Electric Railway – Destination? – The Austrian Mint

electric-railwayI’m on holiday right now staying in a lovely village called Penally in Tenby Pembrokeshire.

My holiday apartment’s balcony looks on down over Penally railway station, and it’s pleasant to hear trains trundling past in the evening every hour.

So the latest coin featured here is rather fitting.

The 20 Euro Electric Railway coin is the 5th in a recent collection from the Austrian Mint.

It celebrates the achievements of the Arlberg electric railway which is Austria’s only east to west mountain railway.

It now connects the cities of Innsbruck and Bludenz.

One interesting fact that struck me about the Arlberg route was that it was utilised by the Orient Express as it travelled from London to Bucharest in the 1930s.

The train below my window is travelling from Penally to Carmarthen, that is not a journey I fancy undertaking at this time of the evening.

However, if the Orient Express pulled up to Penally station, I’d throw my toothbrush, a bottle of aftershave and a clean pair of socks in my suitcase and I’d board it without hesitation.

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