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About the Mints

Here is a summary of some of the mints that produce these beautiful silver coins, as found on BuySilverCoins:

The Perth Mint

perth-mint-leftThe Perth Mint is Australia’s oldest operating Mint, established in 1899 to mint gold sovereigns for the British Empire. The Perth Mint is owned by the Western Australian Government and is Australia’s specialist precious metals mint, producing collector coins, gift coins, precious metal gift ideas and jewellery1.

The design work of coins produced form the Perth Mint is exceptional, and makes coins from this mint a favorite among collectors.

The Perth Mint website displays over 300 products. They accept payment via credit card, Pay Pal, BPay, and direct deposit. The Perth Mint has traded online since the year 2000, so ecommerce is a major distribution channel1. They also provide free worldwide shipping for orders over $400 AUD.

Shop at the Perth Mint »

Royal Australian Mint

Royal Australian MintThe Royal Australian Mint was opened in 1965, and is situated in the Australian federal capital city of Canberra. All new Australian circulating coins are minted at the Royal Australian mint. The mint also produces medals for military and civilian honours, and also produced medals for the 2000 Summer Olympics in conjunction with the Perth Mint. According to Wikipedia, the mint is able to produce over 2-million coins per day, and also strikes coins for other south-east Asian countries2.

Coins can also be purchased directly from the Royal Australian Mint website:  mint eShop ».

Royal Canadian Mint

Ottawa_Mint_BuildingFor the first fifty years of Canadian coinage, coins were struck at the Royal Mint in London, England. These cents circulated in the Province of Canada, were first struck in 1858. As Canada emerged as a nation, its need for coinage also increased. As a result, a branch of the Royal Mint was authorized to be built in Ottawa3.

The Royal Canadian Mint headquarters occupy the historic building in central Ottawa, where the Mint was founded in 1908. Today, the Ottawa facility produces hand-crafted collector and commemorative coins, gold bullion coins, medals and medallions.  The master tooling and die production also occurs in this facility3.

However, the mint quickly became antiquated, and coins were being produced in the U.S. as the facility was unable to meet demand.  As early as 1960 the government was planning a second production facility in addition to the historic Ottawa mint. It was a long-drawn out process, with much political posturing and debate, to get the second mint established and built. But the wait was worth it3.

canadian-mint-winipegEstablished in 1976, the architecturally stunning Winnipeg plant is the high-tech, high-volume manufacturing facility. Every single Canadian circulation coin is produced here – literally billions of coins each year (according to the mint).  The Winnipeg facility is also responsible for producing the circulation currency of other nations, and has produced coinage for over 70 other countries3.

You can purchase silver coins directly from the Royal Canadian Mint website.

More mints to follow…


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